Smart Water Meter Lab

Amsterdam is not a city that needs to worry about water. However there are many cities around the world that are seeing much more extended dry periods and will soon run out of water. More and more global cities will run out of water in next few decades unless water use is radically changed.

CITIXL is now testing 15 wireless smart water meters in De Ceuvel, a clean tech living lab in Amsterdam that asks the question: How can we measure or monitor water consumption? And what new tools can we co-create that encourage water conservation?

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Smart Camera Lab

CCTV Cameras are getting really really smart. Embedded with new layers like deep-learning, wire framing, motion tracking and facial recognition capabilities, these smart cameras deliver lots of details and insights about our streets and sidewalks. 

But how will all these cutting edge cameras be used in the future? CITIXL teamed up with Smart Taipei and Umbo Camera to explore how these cameras will impact society in Amsterdam. The goal of this experiment was to use data as dialogue see what these cameras mean for our future smart city. 

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Reclaiming Space Experiment

Throughout history, the Dutch have been world famous for reclaiming land and space. Most recently, the Dutch have been leaders in incubating space to create new jobs and creative industries for students, artists, entrepreneurs and startups to flourish. CITIXL has teamed up with Boston City Council and Wentworth Institute of Technology to rapid prototype viable business models and pop-up solutions that can quickly have an impact on the District 4 communities

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Amsterdam Living Labs

Today there are over 40 “Living Labs” and hundreds of experiments, tests, pilots taking place in Amsterdam. We are asking Amsterdam’s policy makers, knowledge partners and community leaders a series of questions in fun interactive sessions with the aim to capture and visualise the various interpretations, definitions and attitudes of todays living labs. Make your opinion count! If you want to add your voice to the discussion please click the quiz button below and take the 5 minute quick-scan.

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Recent Activities

Exchange Lab – Reclaiming Space

January 23rd, 2019|Uncategorized|

The Dutch don't waste space and are famous for quickly turning derelict properties into more productive and profitable districts. To help reach the goals of “Imagine Boston 2030”, Boston City Council is working with CITIXL [...]

Amsterdam Living Lab – New Years Resolution

January 17th, 2019|Workshops|

There’s a lot of talk about ‘Living Labs’ these days, but what does that mean exactly? On Friday, January 25 we asked Amsterdam policy makers, knowledge partners and community leaders to help define what [...]

Seoul Future Forum 2018

December 10th, 2018|Talks|

CITIXL co-founder Paul Manwaring explains the value of open urban living labs and citizen engagement with his keynote "Bridging the Gap from City to Citizen" at the Seoul Future Forum 2018. Watch video here!

Computer Vision Pilot HvA (FMB) campus

October 12th, 2018|Living Labs|

In cooperation with HvA and Research Group Cities & Visitors “Moving Amsterdam Zuidoost” and CITIXL, we propose to use the UMBO Camera to conduct several impactful experiments to gain insights on social behaviour in public spaces [...]

Camera Vision Experiment

June 16th, 2018|Living Labs|

Service vs Surveillance: Future of our Neighborhood Cameras? For questions regarding the WARNING signs outside the Makerversity.  CITIXL is conducting an experiment in co-operation with The Makerversity and the Marineterrien from June 20-24 in the [...]

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