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Responsible Sensor Safari & Workshop 10.2023


Living labs like the Marineterrein are great places for experimentation, but did you know there is a lot of data being collected in our living lab? Where are these sensors? What kinds of data to they collect? How are these insights used to improve Marineterrein services, visitors experience or even  built environment.

Join us on October 4th @14-17:00 for a hands-on workshop to learn how to use 1) privacy-by-design toolkits, 2) walking tour to discover citizen centric sensors and 3) learn how to make your own smart city projects more responsible.

Register FREE >> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/responsible-sensing-safari-workshop-tickets-719842246537

Responsible Sensor Safari & Workshop 10.20232023-09-27T09:43:50+01:00

Digital With Purpose Global Summit 2023


There is no shortage of urban mobility data as it relates to cars & trucks. For the last 30 years cities have been collecting highly detailed data like traffic flows, congestion and parking. Cities of the future however will be centered around people, how then do we measure inner-city improvement projects and livability? Cities all over Europe are quickly transitioning from car to people centric cities. From Oslo, London, Paris to Barcelona, municipalities are conducting bold experiments to make city centers cleaner, safer and more accessible to all. In the summer of 2023, the City of Amsterdam tested road closures transform big streets & thoroughfares into public spaces and pocket parks. Tapp – Smart City Architecture used environmental and activity sensors monitor the before & after snapshot and unexpected behaviors in between. In this talk director Tom van Arman gives highly visual and animated talk on the role of sensors and open urban data and how it can help future proof your own city. 

Digital With Purpose Global Summit 20232023-09-27T09:39:44+01:00

The Urban Lab Forum 2022


At the World Urban Forum held in Katowice Poland June 25-29, CITIXL co-founder Paul Manwaring will speak about Living Lab best practices in Amsterdam and share his experiences at the Urban Lab Forum on June 26 with a panel of speakers from 17:00 to 19:00.  For more information visit https://urbanlab.net/en/join-us-at-the-urban-lab-forum-during-wuf11/

The Urban Lab Forum 20222022-06-29T11:17:16+01:00

GOTO Amsterdam 2022 June 13 – Beurs van Berlage


User Centric Digital Cities: Generating Value with Experimentation in Living Labs

CITIXL co-founder Paul Manwaring will speak at GOTO Amsterdam June 13 at 16:30.

The rapidly changing technical landscape is the battlefield of today’s invisible wars, and data is the weapon of choice. The key to victory is in the data, who controls it and how it is used.

Internet of things (IoT) interactive environments, the data they generate and the next generation applications they enable will shape the urban landscape in the years to come.

Open and inclusive living labs are safe and ethical public spaces where we can experiment with the public to co-create user-centric, interactive applications for our future cites.

As more cities adopt cyber-physical systems (CPS), digital twinning, camera vision, sensors and other IoT related technologies, they also increase feedback loops via human-generated data which can and should be used in a co-creation relationship with designers and developers as an intermediary. The roles of ideator, designer and intermediary are defined and discussed in a service exchange dynamic in Living Labs where IoT interactive environments are being tested and, with our participation, will help us solve serious urban problems.

In this context, Paul will discuss the “data plus dialogue” approach with specific CITIXL experiments and demonstrate how empirical research in Living Labs — the data generated and the value created — has lead to insights about the nature of sustainable value production in urban living labs and can lead us to more participatory and inclusive user-centric digital cities.

In this talk, you’ll learn:

How to create impactful IoT enabled “data plus dialogue” interactive applications in living labs

GOTO Amsterdam 2022 June 13 – Beurs van Berlage2022-04-06T17:23:32+01:00



Tom and Willem Koeman of the Amsterdam Economic Board will demonstrate the AMdEX new data exchange to the public. In this demo we’ll showcase some killer cases of the urban data collected and share from the Marineterrein Living Lab. Stories of digital sovereignty, security and governance of future public space.

MORE-IP CONFERENCE 2022 – WHO OWNS THE INTERNET?2022-04-06T17:23:05+01:00

IoT Solutions World Congress


Tom will be moderating the Smart City Session, with a presentation on “How to Future Proof Your Own City With Purposeful loT”

Uber, AirBnB and COVID have profoundly changed our cities faster than any authority could have predicted. IoT, AI and Edge Computing are already empowering future city makers to design, rapid-prototype and test solutions for 21st century city and citizens. In this talk, smart city architect Tom van Arman will share some ground-breaking open source IoT & AI solutions that have been developed for the Amsterdam municipality to make a more resilient and inclusive city. This presentation will outline how you and diverse teams of developers can help future proof your own city with purposeful IoT.

IoT Solutions World Congress2022-04-06T17:20:35+01:00




Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report was based on research into cutting edge technologies and future-forward thinking. What if similar simulations are created based on actual data and technology, which is bound to happen? With spatial computing, open data, IA and 5G, the digital twin is about to reach unprecedented detail. Welcome to a world where content enhances and facilitates our everyday lives, from home to work. Where we can rearrange our home, follow directions, control machines and even remotely work thanks to these new technologies and the links between them.
This programme is an in person event in Amsterdam and will be broadcasted in the Laval Virtual World.
Timmy Ghiurau – Innovation Leader XR, Volvo
Jan Verwoerd – Founder, 360Fabriek
Martin Liboska – Mobile XR Product Owner, Deutsche Telekom
Tom van Arman – Smart City Strategist & Future City Maker
Maarten Sukel – AI Lead, City of Amsterdam
VRDAYS –2021-11-14T19:46:39+01:00



No matter if it’s social, economical, or environmental: Sustainability is a thing. What role can future coders, engineers & developers play in this hot new market? Based in Amsterdam “The front line of a circular EU city,  Tom van Arman of will showcase personal and transformative API’s, Open Source Codes, Artificial Intelligent “municipal projects for good” and what it means for the talented developers of Ukraine. 

DEVOXX UKRAINE 20212021-11-14T19:45:11+01:00

Data Transparency in Public Space Conference Oct. 6-7


Oct. 6 11AM – Paul Manwaring will be part of the first panel discussion at the DTPS conference 2021 “Data Visibility Frameworks and Law” with Keynote speaker Beryl Dreijer – Privacy Officer at the City of Amsterdam, and Sage and Naomi from the organising committee who will open the program Oct. 6 at 10:50 AM. Paul will speak about the “The Responsible Sensing Toolkit: Data transparency applied to an ethical framework for city sensing projects in public spaces.” The DTPS2021 schedule has been posted and registration is still open -sign up now https://www.utwente.nl/en/bms/bride/DTPS2021/Schedule/#talks

Data Transparency in Public Space Conference Oct. 6-72021-09-29T12:10:08+01:00
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