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Urban Living Lab Summit 2021


This year both Tom van Arman and Paul Manwaring will host workshops for the Summit.  This years theme is “Impact” defined as: making lasting change in society through the development, operation, experimentation, and learning in the Living Labs. For more information and to signup visit https://www.ams-institute.org/events/urban-living-lab-summit-2021-perspectives-on-impact/ 


Urban Living Lab Summit 20212021-05-31T17:12:32+01:00

RePublica21 – Crowdboost Digitalstrategie Berlin


The State of Berlin wants to shape the digital transformation in terms of sustainability, participation and economic development. Paul joins the leaders on the digital stage to discuss the CITIXL participatory processes.

Join the discussion today! https://re-publica.tv/de/session/crowdboost-digital-strategy-berlin




RePublica21 – Crowdboost Digitalstrategie Berlin2021-05-20T11:30:41+01:00

“Rolling out technology without public participation does not work”


Co-Founder Tom van Arman talks to Tessel Renzenbrink on how CITIXL uses Tada’s 6 principles that help design and build responsible urban technologies. These values become important blueprints for our 21st century city! Read the full article (5min) on the Amsterdam Economic Board Website or original Dutch version on the Tada Website

“Rolling out technology without public participation does not work”2021-05-16T15:48:22+01:00

Festival de Géopolitique de Grenoble

The Festival Géopolitique 2020 has been rescheduled for March 24-26, 2021.  Paul Manwaring will deliver a paper: Smart Cities versus Smart Citizens are Living Labs the answer?  If we are going to create sustainable value in urban environments we need to radically change our thinking from the current top-down/bottom-up dichotomy to a more egalitarian side-by-side collaborative approach. He will explain how it is possible to cultivate a productive dynamic between socio economic power and the power of the crowd in Living Labs.  
Festival de Géopolitique de Grenoble2020-10-06T13:12:59+01:00

User Centric Digital Cities: Generating Value with Experimentation in Living Labs


Paul Manwaring will discuss is current focus with the City of Amsterdam CTO office to test, distribute and scale community driven Smart City solutions for crowd monitoring in public spaces. He will share his experience working with Tom van Arman at the Marineterrein Living Labs to generate urban value through inclusive experimentation and discuss their unique Data + Dialogue approach.

User Centric Digital Cities: Generating Value with Experimentation in Living Labs2020-10-06T13:31:04+01:00

Virtual Sensor World Week


Smart Cities, Energy & Infrastructure

Tom will be speaking to sensor specialists within the smart city and infrastructure sector. With a core focus on IoT, AI and advanced sensing technologies for smart cities – including sustainable technologies, managing assets with sensing technologies and reducing energy and waste.

How to Future-proof Your City in The Age of Corona?

Since Corona, we realize there is a huge discrepancy between the policy versus practice of safe social distancing. Using Computer Vision (AI, object detection & machine learning) we have been able to safely capture, store, process and share real-time insights with the public to make informed decisions. During this talk, Tom will be showing fellow civic-innovators how to use this open-source (GDPR ready) technologies to communicate ‘spatial health’ of urban parks, squares, terraces, waterfronts and other social spaces.

Join us here: https://transformindustry.com/virtual-sensor-world-week/

Virtual Sensor World Week2020-10-04T19:44:30+01:00

Kyiv Smart City Forum 2020


How to Future-proof Your City in The Age of Corona?

Smart Architecture? Inclusive Cities? Excited to be speaking at the Kiev Smart City Forum 2020 w/ Yulian Chaplinsky , Chief Archiect of Lviv and deputy minister of the Ministry of regional development. We’ll be discussing how to future proof cities in the era of corona. For those interested in Tom’s mission and vision for smart cities check out: https://bit.ly/36rtGA2 (Language: Ukrainian – use Google Chrome w/ English Translation on!)

Kyiv Smart City Forum 20202020-10-04T19:39:16+01:00

Business For Smart Cities


Business For Smart Cities – Congress. 


Congress and Exhibition Center (map)

Tom will be speaking on personal projects that have become“SUCCESFUL EXAMPLES OF TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION OF CITIES” with a presentation “Digital Technologies and Solving Societal Problems of Citizens: how to find a right balance in transformation cities to smart & sustainable”.

Business For Smart Cities2020-01-07T23:10:29+01:00
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