GOTO Amsterdam 2021 Dec. 6-9 Beurs van Berlage


CITIXL co-founder Paul Manwaring will speak at GOTO Amsterdam Dec. 7 at 16:30. Paul will discuss the “data plus dialogue” approach with specific CITIXL experiments and demonstrate how empirical research in Living Labs — the data generated and the value created — has lead to insights about the nature of sustainable value production in urban living labs and can lead us to more participatory and inclusive user-centric digital cities.

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Business For Smart Cities


Business For Smart Cities – Congress. 


Congress and Exhibition Center (map)

Tom will be speaking on personal projects that have become“SUCCESFUL EXAMPLES OF TECHNOLOGICAL TRANSFORMATION OF CITIES” with a presentation “Digital Technologies and Solving Societal Problems of Citizens: how to find a right balance in transformation cities to smart & sustainable”.

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