A living model to help other cities avoid ‘Day 0’

Amsterdam is not a city that needs to worry about water, however, there are many cities around the world that are seeing much more extended dry periods. Cape Town, San Paulo, Las Vegas, Mexico City and many more will run out of water in next few decades unless water use is radically changed. Soon these water scarce cities will start designating water distribution points and start rationing water – this is called day 0

CITIXL is now testing 15 wireless smart water meters in De Ceuvel, a clean tech living lab in Amsterdam, to ask the question: How can we measure or monitor water consumption in interactive ways and what new tools can we co-create that encourage water conservation?

Now CITIXL and partners are ready to begin to working with other communities and help other cities avoid ‘Day 0’

Boat 01 “Arc

Boat 04 “Hupsaké”

Boat 05 “Brett

Boat 06 “Workplace

Boat 07 “Lots Off”

Boat 08 “Keijser”

Boat 09 “Weedburger”

Boat 11 “PiepSchuim”

Boat 13 “Love Boat”

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Boat 17 “Cross Boat”