Talks, Walks and Workshops

Online Workshop

CITIXL and Polish Institute IRMiR collaborate successfully online during the COVID-19 crises and deliver a series of workshops for cities of Gdynia and Rzeszów to kick off a three year pilot to build engaging Polish Urban Labs. 

See Workshop Here

Creating Social Impact in Living Labs

Do you want your experiments to produce measurable results fast?  Identify real problems and find out how to gain insights with citizens to create opportunities.  Learn what it means to engage citizens in a productive “data plus dialogue” that will inform effective vision, policy and experiments for immediate social impact.

Designing the Ethical Experiment

Citizen engagement can be difficult and experimentation with the public has legal and ethical challenges.  Learn how to build a solid foundation for multi-stakeholder engagements and Living Lab experiments with our discovery process that will guide fair and inclusive co-creation and lead to safe and ethical experiment design.

Seeing is Believing – a Living Lab tour

If your organisation is looking for exceptional examples of how Living Labs are changing cities for the better, join us for an inspirational tour of Living Labs in Amsterdam.  Meet the makers and ask the experts. Get hands on and see for yourself how experimentation engages citizens and produces results.

We customise workshops and tours to help you achieve your goals.  We have found that these three types of workshops and tours provide a good start for most organisations.

Duration Fees

Experiment Design Workshop

1 hr

€750,- EUR

Talk or Presention

1 hr

€500,- EUR

Living Lab Tour

1 hr

€500,- EUR